Build up to Birth

I decided to record my stream-of-consciousness feelings in a memo on my phone for a few weeks before my due date.  Little did I know that I’d only have 1 week recorded before I gave birth!

Wednesday, October 7
Nested to the max tonight, all while having mild contractions on and off for 5 hours.  I knew it wasn’t the real thing, but it still revved me up about getting things done around the house.  HB finished making some meatballs for the freezer, while I portioned and sealed the gumbo and jambalaya he made a few days ago.  I stopped occasionally to rest on the yoga ball when my belly was getting too tight to walk around.

Thursday, October 8
He was moving a ton last night, and now appears to be making my belly a bit crooked.  He seems to be more active than Asha.  Or maybe he’s just longer / bigger, so I feel it more.

Friday, October 9
Woohooooo – negative for Group B Strep!  What a relief.

Saturday, October 10
Literally every time I stand up, I feel like he is going to fall out.  My hips are clicking a little bit when I walk waddle.  It got better by the time we went out to dinner, but as we were leaving, I had 1 really strong contraction… and then nothing.

Sunday, October 11
37 weeks!  I’ve officially crossed over the mark where I’m allowed to get in the tub to labor, so it feels like I’m free to have this baby whenever he wants to arrive!  I’d love for him to make it until 39 weeks, but I just have a hunch he’ll be earlier based on how I’m feeling…

Asha’s on the same page.  This morning she woke up and announced, “Mommy, I want Bennett to come out right now.”  HB’s got some meetings in town the next few days, so I made a deal with him that I’d try to wait until at least Wednesday to have this baby.

Monday, October 12th
I was up most of last night with intense back pain.  The kind that throbs enough to keep you awake, switching from side to side, hoping that one position is better than another.  I kept waiting for contractions to come along with it, but they were far apart, too far apart to mean anything.  The only thing that relieved the pain was getting on my elbows and knees on the bed.  I think that helped dislodge him from my pelvis enough to rotate him back to a more comfortable position.

Now it’s the evening, and I have the opposite problem.  Instead of intense back pain, I have intense pelvic pain.  He clearly flipped, but is still lodged down low.  Guess that’s where he’s going to stay until labor kicks in.


Tuesday, October 13th
A mostly uneventful day.  I had to suddenly stand up from my desk twice this morning because of the intense pelvic pressure, but then it subsided. Yoga was pretty uncomfortable today, but I pushed through.

Wednesday, October 14th
I had some “signs” this morning. It could mean nothing, but last time this happened, I went into labor 3 hours later.  Just to be safe, I decided to work from home, and I moved my packed bags from upstairs to downstairs.  I was ravenous, so actually ended up eating 2 breakfasts.  He’s been really active all morning.  More than he’s ever been, actually.  Really large and frequent movements.  I’m going to ask the midwife to check me today at my appointment… I just want to know if there’s been any progress yet so I can make a plan…

Midwife checked me. 80% effaced, 2-3 cm, and -1 station.  She felt his head RIGHT THERE. I’m going to call it a day and take a nap just in case…


Birth story to come in a few weeks when I have the pictures back!



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